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All the latest news from Bridgeman - what we've been up to, why you'll be interested and which lovely new images you're going to see on our site soon.

Bridgeman blog sneak preview

Discover more about our new online community for art lovers and professionals, with details about each category and a look at the design.

Bridgeman Studio Award: Tips from the Experts

For our competition entrants will not be judged by aesthetic merit alone but by their ability to translate their image across multiple applications.

Annabel's Pics

From Ballet Russes to 'Bad Santa', Bridgeman's Marketing Manager reveals some of her favourite images and clips in the archive.

Bridgeman Copyright Artists

Bridgeman Artists' Copyright Service (BACS) administers the licensing of copyright for artists and their estates.

Trends from the Armory Show 2014

With our recent launch of Bridgeman Studio, Bridgeman attended this year's Armory Show with an eye to keeping on top of current trends in contemporary art.

Bridgeman at the Art Director's Guild Awards

Bridgeman staff and clients had front row seats to one of Hollywood's award season banquets, honoring excellence in production design.

Proudly Presenting: Bridgeman Studio

We're delighted to announce the launch of our new online platform for contemporary artists.

Now Representing: The Stanley Spencer Estate

We're both honored and delighted to be managing the Stanley Spencer Estate for image licensing.

Bridgeman needs bloggers!

We’re looking for engaging, knowledgeable and experienced writers for our upcoming blog. Think you have what it takes?

Lucy's Pics

Bridgeman's manager of Contemporary Artists and Copyright, Lucy Innes Williams, talks about some of her favorite images in the archive.